Triton Filtration System

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Our new water recycling truck, equipped with a Triton-type recovery and filtration system, reduces the need for emptying and refilling by filtering up to 80% of the water contained in the suctioned debris.

The filtered water is transferred to the tank to supply the scourer.

Système de filtration Triton


The equipment currently used in the field of pipe cleaning requires a replenishment of water several times a day, which represents a significant loss of operational time.

With this technology, the Triton filtration system reuses the aspirated water, which represents up to a week of water autonomy.


Different sources can refill this unit; a conventional fire hydrant, a stream, a river, or a storm sewer system.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Reduced time wastage related to water resupply
  • Water-saving system
  • Reduces the time required for sludge disposal
  • Reduced permit requirements for access to water
  • Increased dryness of disposed materials
  • Better risk management


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