Hydro-excavation and Pneumatic excavation

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Hydro-excavation and pneumatic excavation

Our combined trucks make it possible to dig and safely access underground utilities. These combined trucks contain two modules: a module that produces a powerful jet of pressurized water that weakens the ground, and a second module used for pumping and aspirating. Water can also be heated to thaw frozen ground, allowing us to work despite wintry conditions. It is also possible to install a pipe on the ground to access an excavation site located inside a building or in a hard-to-reach location. Pneumatic excavation prevents adding water content in the soil and to reuse the aspirated soil during excavation, using a compressor that produces a jet of air rather than a jet of water.

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Advantages and Benefits

  • Exposing pipes
  • Non-destructive excavation method
  • Excavation in confined spaces
  • Excavation through frozen ground
  • Excavation through a root system
  • Replacement of a service box

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